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How to Consult a Doctor without Stepping Into a Waiting Room

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The biggest woe for a patient is when they have to keep waiting in the waiting room so that they are able to visit the doctor and discuss with them about their ailment so as to get treated.

We however live in the age of technology where almost all the major services including healthcare has gotten digitized due to the presence of the on demand healthcare apps as well as the online services that assist patients in getting most of their health related issues solved.

One major woe that has especially gotten solved due to the online healthcare services is the consultation of doctors. Let us discuss about this in a little detail.

Steps for Patients to Book the Consultation of Doctors Online

Till a time, patients could not have even dreamt that they could get their consultations done online. However due to the inception of technology into the healthcare industry, this major area of worry of the patients got solved as well.

No longer do patients have to wait in the waiting room so as to get treated. Through the online consultation services patients can get treated online and know their ailments in the shortest available time.

Below mentioned are the different services that are helping patients greatly and preventing them from sitting for hours in the waiting room.

Services Benefiting Patients and Preventing Patients from Waiting in the Waiting Room

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Video Consultation Service

Through the medium of video calls, patients can speak to doctors and discuss with them directly about their illness.

This is how the video consultation service works -

a. Patient needs to book the video consultation online

b. Patient gets connected with the doctor

c. Patient receives treatment from doctor

d. Patient provides feedback and review

Prescription Service

Through the medium of the prescription service, patients can upload their prescription online and get their medicines delivered to them.

This is how the prescription service works,

a. Patient provides prescription to medicine store by uploading it online

b. Patient uploads online through the camera and gallery

c. Patient receives medicine at their doorstep

d. Patient provides feedback and review

Medical Certificate

Through this service, patients can obtain a medical certificate online just through a few simple steps.

This is how the medical certificate service is obtained online by patients,

1. Register and book to obtain medical certificate online

2. Consult doctor to receive medical certificate online

3. Obtain certificate at doorstep

4. Patient provides feedback and review

Thus these steps patients need to follow to consult a doctor that saves them from sitting for hours in the waiting room.

This is an altogether easy and convenient way for patients to consult doctors to get treated and get a quick and convenient service.

Also, it helps the entrepreneurs having a healthcare industry to build a profitable and successful industry for themselves along with helping the patients to get a quick and convenient treatment done.

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