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The Competitors of Uber to Focus on Rider’s Safety with New Features in London

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Uber is a famous ride-hailing service that had its inception in the year 2009 and since then there was no looking back for them.

Uber offers ride-hailing and ride-sharing services to users living all over the world in the most easy yet convenient manner. However, over the last few months, it came into jeopardy due to its zero focus on the safety of the rider.

It is important to remember that the safety of the rider is one of the sole missions of any ride-hailing service and when it does not fulfill this important mission, other businesses, i.e., its competitors will take advantage of this and create solutions to provide the best services to the user.

Talking about Uber, Uber recently came into the limelight because of it giving zero attention to the safety of the riders in London.

Several riders in London complained that the drivers charged extra, misbehaved with them, etc., to name a few.

Thus, Uber has slowly started to lose its customers in London and its competitors have focused on this important problem being faced.

Uber’s competitors thus have created some features that focus strongly on the safety of the rider in London so that they are successful in gaining a large number of users.

Below mentioned are the features that Uber’s competitors have created in order to focus on the safety of the riders in London.

Features Created by the Competitors of Uber that Focuses On the Safety of Riders in London

Uber in London

Beacon Lighting

Riders complain that they are not able to see their rides at the late hours of night. Thus, taking advantage of it, the competitors in London have incorporated the feature of beacon lighting to assist the user in finding the ride

Emergency Contact

Riders often complain that the drivers misbehave with them. Thus taking advantage of this, they created a feature - emergency contact to assist users to share their ride information with their near and dear ones and let them know their exact location.

Voice Over Internet Protocol - Call Over Internet

Users have complained that their private numbers have been misused by the drivers and they felt harassed. Thus, the other ride-hailing service providers focused on this issue stringently and created this feature - Voice Over Internet Protocol (call over internet) to ensure that when the rider placed a call to know the exact location of the driver, their private number would not get disclosed to the driver as the calls would be directly over the internet.

Secure Payment Methods

Users complained that their payment-related information got breached and it got revealed without their consent. Thus, to protect the safety of the riders, the competitors of Uber have created payment methods that are secure as well as safe thus ensuring the rider’s card related information does not get saved ever and remains secure always for the user.

Thus, to sum up, these are the features that have been incorporated by the competitors of Uber in London to ensure the 100% safety of riders.

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