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Business and Revenue Model of Gojek

Gojek – Business and Revenue Model

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The on-demand service has dramatically and drastically taken over the traditional ways of doing business for entrepreneurs. It has also become a blessing for users as it has helped them categorically in receiving a quick, efficient and safe delivery of goods as well as services.

The on-demand service industry has become popular especially due to the presence of the on-demand applications today for almost every major service like massage, cab, healthcare, food delivery, etc., to name a few.

The forerunner in the on-demand service industry is Gojek.

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Gojek offers over 52 and over on-demand services to users. Some of its major services include Gojek services, lawyer on demand, tutor on demand, healthcare on demand, food delivery on demand, grocery delivery on demand, etc., to name a few.

Its services are mostly popular among users living mostly in the South Asian part of Indonesia. Due to its provision of over 52 and over on-demand services to its users, the application has become increasingly popular among entrepreneurs wishing to have their own on-demand service industry.

As per a report of Statista, it was found that the profits and the revenue made by the on-demand service industry has doubled in over the last five years.

Many entrepreneurs have gone on to create own create own Gojek like business that ensures to offer users over 52 and over major on demand services to customers with some of the best and top-notch features that in turn can help them create a profitable business for themselves.

The question thus that comes to the mind is that what is the business and revenue model of Gojek that makes it popular in the on-demand industry and has, in turn, prompted several budding entrepreneurs to create their own Gojek like a business.

Below mentioned is the business and revenue model of Gojek.

Business and Revenue Model of Gojek

  1. Offers services like food and grocery delivery, transportation service, etc., to name a few to users

  2. Prevents clutter of several apps on the smartphone of users by offering multiple services in a single application

  3. Assists in the reuse of resources thus reducing wastage of previous resources

  4. Ensures comfort while handling

  5. Assists entrepreneurs to earn more commission by offering the maximum number of services to the users

  6. Understands the needs of customers and understands the growing demands of users so as to make the supply of those services easier

  7. Easy and robust expansion into the different needs of the user so as to build a successful and profitable on-demand service industry for themselves

Along with the above mentioned points, other points like safe and secure payment, flexibility to independent contractors to work as per their convenience, has made Gojek so popular among entrepreneurs setting out to build their successful and profitable on-demand service industry and assist them in attracting a large target audience of users.

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