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Instacart Clone - COVID19 Brings Opportunities To Scale Up Your Grocery Delivery Business

Instacart Clone – Its Right Time To Register The Place In Your Customer’s Smartphone

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The pandemic outbreak is fueling the growth of on-demand grocery delivery apps. People are fearing of catching the dangerous virus. Hence, they have adopted the lifestyle of ordering online. Therefore, the app like Instacart Grocery Delivery Clone Apps is gaining popularity. For those who are considering venturing into the on-demand grocery delivery industry, this is the right time to launch your Instacart Clone App.

People that are utilizing online grocery app solutions have no choice but to use the on-demand grocery app platform. Taking this opportunity, entrepreneurs should initiate capitalizing on an app like Instacart. If you are thinking that it will be an expensive thing, it’s not. Clone apps of any niche can be bought at affordable prices from a white-label app development company.

So, let’s explore the possibilities here:

Developing The On-demand Grocery Delivery App

There are two popular ways that you can launch your grocery delivery platform:

Developing an app right from scratch

Here, you develop the app right from the scratch. The app development process starts by researching the niche market. It requires studying the target audience, features, technologies to adapt, developing the back-end, rigorous testing and finally launching. The time to develop a fresh app is anything between 4-6 months. The investment to develop and launch an app is huge.

Customize ready-made solution

If you are looking to launch an app that is quick, and affordable then Clone App Solutions is the perfect choice. These clone apps are inspired by the original apps and will have the same mechanism with different features and functionality that suit your business requirements. These Clone Script Solutions are reliable, built on scalable robust technology, and time-conserving.  Reach out to a white-label Instacart Clone Script Solution making company to roll the successful version under your brand.

Okay, so this is a tricky part. You probably have studies a couple of grocery delivery apps before launching yours. You might have seen that in the majority of the grocery delivery apps the features are common. It makes it confusing for the customers to choose an online grocery delivery app that has the same features. Eliminate the confusion and let the customers choose you by offering unique, new version 2021 features in your Instacart Clone App.

Store wise commission

It allows setting different commission rates for every store. Thus the app can generate steady cash flow by charging different commissions from the grocers.

Daywise separate timeslots

Not all countries follow weekend rules, as a matter of fact, some of them have a different weekends, public holidays, etc. Furthermore, with the on and off lockdowns the business hours are changing frequently. Thus the grocers on board have the flexibility to keep the timeslots and days accordingly.

Item name searching

The feature allows the user to quickly search the store names as well as items to add to the cart.

Voice instructions for delivery drivers

The customer can put the voice note instructions for the delivery drivers. For instance, where to do park, leaving the packages at the gate, not to ring the bell, etc.

Order cancellation option for a delivery driver

The delivery driver can cancel the order if they are unable to deliver it because of unforeseen circumstances.

Graphical status of the order

The user can get real-time order tracking in the graphical form via in-app notifications.

In Conclusion

If you as a grocery delivery startup, and thinking to build on-demand grocery-delivery apps like Instacart, then it is the right time to do so. This is because the usage of on-demand grocery shopping apps is high. And, we have also discussed the features that you can integrate during on-demand grocery delivery app development.

Do you already have done researched and gathered the facts? Discuss your app project with a reliable app development company that has already developed and successfully launched 60+ multi-delivery app like Gojek, Postmates Clone App, Uber Taxi Clone App with diverse features and functionalities. Check their client testimonials before heading further. 

Furthermore, if you are still having doubts regarding your on-demand grocery shopping app development, you can discuss similar app concepts like Shipt Clone App, Talabat Clone App, InstaShop Clone App to create a successful grocery delivery application. 

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