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Uber for Towing for your Customer’s stuck Vehicles


Help your customer by towing service app

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Future is unknown and it is full of unforeseeable troublesome events. Suppose you are driving a vehicle on the road and your vehicle suddenly comes with a problem and it stops then and there and do not move ahead. If you are in such a situation then the only thing that comes to your mind is how to reach at your place safely. For these situations there are applications which help their clients to tow their vehicle safely.

With the evolution in mobile technology and with the boost in on-demand app services, tow truck service is also available just like any other service.

How do these applications work?

These applications are easy to use and can be easily operated. There is no rocket science involved to use the towing application. Here are few simple steps to use the application-

road assistance app

  • Inscribing- Customers can easily register on the app to avail the service of towing app by few simple taps on the phone.

  • Location Sharing- Customer shares the location with turning on the GPS option of their phone.

  • Vehicle information- Customer need to share the vehicle information like the model number of the vehicle, registration number of the vehicle to get a suitable vehicle for towing purpose and proper identification.

  • Amenity fulfilment: The allotted mechanic along with the tow vehicle reaches the customer in short period of time and makes the customer to keep his car near the nearest garage or fix it then and there.

Features of towing service app-

Easy to use: Towing service apps are easy to use. You just have to enter your e-mail, phone number or social login and you can start availing the service.

Cost Instruction: Towing service applications provide you the full detailed information about the cost of the service based on the vehicle that has to be used for towing. You can check it out by tapping on the phone for every service.

Easy mode of payments: There are wallets also available in the application to pay for the service. Customer can either pay by cash, debit or credit card.

Reviews: Customers can rate and review the application according to the service provided by them. These reviews and ratings help the company to makes proper changes in their application and services if required.

Keep a check on the employees-Towing service app keep an eye on their employees who are assigned to tow a vehicle. They check it through GPS system installed in the vehicle.

If you want to invest your money in building a towing business app, you can undoubtedly go with uber for towing or any other app which provides you credibility and holds a strong goodwill in the market. Just make sure that you thoroughly research your app before you make the final purchase. The best way to do it should be to simply take a free on road trial of the app before actually placing an order for the same.

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