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Target your Arabic Customers with R2L language integrated into the Uber clone app

Make your audience reach better by Uber, integrated with R2L support

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What is R2L support?

R2L simply means Right to left. There are rare languages in the world which uses RTL text direction. Adding this language in your theme covers a wide variety of population which can greatly increase your product’s market.

Basics of R2L Project Design

Making the web more compatible and easy to more number of people, in more and more language is the main of R2L support. If we talk about web development, it basically means making our web content more compatible with Right to left languages like Persian, Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu.

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The development of web services and localization of existing products for the market of Middle Eastern countries is qualified by certain attributes that can make a huge difference from language like English which is written in LTR websites. The structure of rules, regulations and design solutions used for Left to Right websites does not attain high value when developing a website for an Arabic audience who are found of using Right to Left language. Right to Left websites necessitates different typography, structure, and imagery. At first glint, Arabic website may look like just the same as English one but it is actually not.

Visuals and Writings

The major and the most noticeability differential between RTL and LTR language is observed in the pattern of writing. In Right to left languages, reading and writing are done from the Right to left Direction. The name itself reveals the answer. To know what to coy and what to change completely, it is very important to understand the motion of time which spate from Right to left in Arabia. Taking the help of some basic rules, developing a website in the Arabic language can be moderately unequivocal. Nevertheless, when modular platforms are elaborated, it’s critical to master plan the construction of the projects appropriately in order to skip language related conflicts when turning on from LTR to RTL languages.

Developers should spend a well quality time to design LTR and RTL versions before starting a project as they both are equally important for the end result.


Genuine observation should be kept for Arabic typography. Use of Noto-font is advisable as it is also recommended by Google guidelines. The bold typeface should be avoided to make it more comfortable for reading purpose.


In the Arabic interface, mirroring icons should be done very carefully. Sometimes there is no need of flipping or mirroring and sometimes there is need of it.

  • Mirroring should not be done for symmetrical icons as well as for the icons featuring the English characters.
  • Icons that represent text direction or movement and explicit direction should be mirrored.

With the emerging use of R2L support applications, Uber clone app is available with R2L support which makes it more easy and familiar for the customers of Persia to enjoy its seamless facilities without any complications.

If you want to start your own business and earn a good profit in the world full of competition, you can go with Uber clone which also supports R2L languages. It can really give a boost to your business, as your customers of Persia will undoubtedly find this app interesting and friendly.

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