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Raise your earnings by taxi booking app

Heighten your Business with taxi booking app

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If you are stuck without a car and running out of time then hiring a taxi makes a lot of sense. You don't have to be dependent on public transport. Public transport takes a lot of time to make us reach our destination. Today, upgraded and latest technology has made it easier for the customers to get a ride quickly using their smartphones enabled with the internet facility.

Starting a taxi business is great option nowadays. Earning a handsome amount of profit with this business using the application is not a big deal. There is an admin panel option provided in the application which allows the business owner to keep an eye on each and every activity that is going on within the business. It is very simple to access the admin panel which makes easier to manage the drivers as well as customers.

Some features of Taxi booking app Admin panel are mentioned below-

taxi booking app

Manage Dispatch:

With this option, one can manage the dispatcher whose main work is to deal with the booking requests. The admin who is generally the owner can provide the role to dispatcher and operators.

  • Admin can provide a role to the dispatcher
  • Admin can easily delete, add and modify the dispatchers depending on their need
  • It is easy for the admin to track the activities of the dispatcher with this panel.
  • This panel allows the admin to provide additional assistance to the dispatcher.

Manage Passenger:

Admin Panel also helps the owner of the business or the admin to manage passenger app and also manages with all the requests and queries of the riders with this panel. Admin can easily delete, add and modify the details of the passenger.

  • Admin can easily view all the necessary details of the passenger.
  • It is easy to view the number of trips booked with the help of this panel
  • Admin can easily delete and add the passenger's details
  • Admin panel also helps a lot to manage the query of the passenger

Manage Drivers:

Managing drivers is also very simple with the Admin panel. This panel assists admin to keep an eye on every activity of the drivers. Admin can also perform some important functions like adding, deleting modifying and blocking the profile of the driver.

  • Admin can reject and accept the account of the driver
  • This panel also helps the admin to add vehicles
  • Admin enjoys the full right to add drivers to provide the service
  • Admin can easily access the driver’s as well as vehicle’s documents.

Dashboard option:

Admin panel is provided with the Dashboard which displays a thorough view of all the major activities in real time like a number of active rides, online drivers, business heat maps etc.

  • Dashboards are easy and interactive to access  for the Admin
  • Admin can view the number of active passengers, drivers
  • Admin can easily know the information about the total earnings

Analytics and reports:

Admin panel provides a very special feature of taxi software which allows him/her to gather the reports and analytics with the help of a graphical representation of different stats like payment report, user wallet report, total earnings, driver log etc.

  • It helps the admin to have a check on all the numbers
  • This feature helps to find out the total earnings
  • This feature allows the admin to find out the weak areas

Tracking reports:

The admin panel comprises of an option by which he/she can gather the report of the ride, driver report and customer report effectively and efficiently.

  • Admin can easily access the report of the active trips, and trip history
  • Admin can easily gather the report of the total number of cancelled trips and rejected trip requests.

If you are planning for a business and want to earn the unbeatable amount of profit, you can go with taxi booking app like Uber which provides almost all the necessary features that a reputed taxi company should have. You can also go with any other company which is reliable and credible in the industry.

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