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Let’s drag your trade to success: Roadside assistance provider application

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Have you ever got stuck in the middle of the highway with your damaged car? Even thinking of this situation increases the heartbeat of us. Keeping this thing in mind, there is a number of applications launched nowadays to provide roadside assistance to the customers who need help.

How does Roadside assistance app work?

Registration- Customers can easily register themselves on the app by providing their email address, contact number or any social media platform. It is very simple to make registration on the app.

Selection of Service: Customers can easily select the service that he/she wants to get from the list options available in the application like towing, tire repair, accidental case, dead battery replacement etc.

Location Sharing: Customers stuck with their car during the trip needs to share their location with the roadside assistance company, and within a few minutes an employee of the roadside assistance company will arrive at the location to help the customer.

Sharing the vehicle information: Customers need to share the necessary information related to their vehicle like registration number, model number etc. so that it is easy for the roadside assistance company to find out the customer at the location.

Fulfilment of Service: The allotted mechanic or the tow truck by the company arrive at the location of the customer to help him/her out by taking the car to the nearest garage or by fixing it.

an app for tow truck drivers

Important attributes of application for tow truck drivers-

Simple login: Drivers have to provide their contact number, email address and some basic information about theirself just like the time of customer app login.

Real-time Requests: Latest service of towing is dispatched to drivers in real time through the app with the choice whether to accept the request or not.

Availability Status: There is an option in the app which provides the facility to the drivers to be online and requests the service request whenever they want.

Details of Job: Drivers receive all the necessary information related to their job like location, the registration number of the vehicle etc.

In-built navigation: The drivers can easily and quickly reach the location of the customers to help them out by using the Google Maps feature.

Payment option: After the job is done, an e-receipt is generated on the application screen. The driver can collect the payment online, by debit card, credit card, with the wallet or by cash.

There are different on demand roadside apps developed nowadays which are like a boon for the common people. Some of the roadside assistance apps are – Honk,, StrandD, Morni etc.

If you want to heat up the blowing market and earn an unstoppable profit then you can go with roadside assistance provider application which holds strong goodwill in the market. You can buy Uber like app that is reliable and credible in the market.

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