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Why Line is Expanding into On Demand Services with their Line Man App?

This blog explains how popular the on-demand assistant apps have become.

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Line has been quite a popular Chatting app from Thailand. It is quirky and fun and has some amazing stickers that make chatting an even more exciting and fun process. But when you are thrown into a market that is in direct competition with biggies such as Facebook and Whatsapp, it becomes increasingly difficult to simply stay a chatting app based business.

This is why perhaps Line had to expand its scope of services to the next most happening kind of business in the present time, that is, the on demand services business. Every kind of service in today’s market has become extremely easy to use and procure with the help of any kind of an on demand application.

This means that people can simply click on their mobile devices and get whatever they want quickly and effectively. With more and more people becoming dependent on smartphones, it is evident that the entire behavior of the consumer group is experiencing some sort of a customer attitude shift.

Now people just want what they want when they want it. They do not wish to make plans ahead or block out a time frame for themselves because life is fast and not everyone is free. Considering this as the background of the global market, we have to now understand that to have an effective business model; we must be in sync with the demographic customer behavior.

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Line has taken a very wise decision to come up with a combination service application that offers multiple services taxi plus delivery services. IT would deliver anything from a local 7-11 shop or even a meal from a restaurant. The app is a fantastic way of getting a ride or just about anything delivered to your doorstep immediately.

For now, the app is exclusively working in Thailand’s Bangkok, but they do have many plans of expansion very soon. This is a popular business solution and is sure to do well in the future.

Use it as a map for your own business

If you too have been planning to start your own business and aim to be successful quickly, you too should start working on an app of your own. You too must look for an app based on demand business that encompasses multiple services such as Ride, delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery and other services in one single app.

You can get a Line Man Clone as well. An on demand assistant app is the latest rage in the market and by getting your hands on this kind of an app; you will be able to make sure that your business grows by leaps and bounds.

You can buy Line man Clone from any reputable mobile app development company. Test the app before you place an order so that you know exactly what to expect from it once it is live and operational. Apps such as these can even end up making you a millionaire over night.

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