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Need any Home assistance? We are here for the same: Homee app clone

From Handyman to electrician: Get everything here: on demand residential and commercial services

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Looking for well-organised and professional home services? We’ll do it for you speedily. Home clone app restricts the hassle of home projects and property maintenance. You can get quick on-demand permission to avail the service of experienced plumbers, handymen, HVAC professionals, electricians etc. who are always ready to vegan your job in less than 30 minutes.

If you are an electrician, plumber, HVAC professional, handyman or plumber, then you should download blue Homee on-demand pro app.

Home possessors

Drop down the hammer and relax- Your mobile phone is the perfect device for the job. Now one can find a highly rated professional with the checked background with the simple clicks on the phone. Manage the whole procedure in the app, including pricing, timing and also the payment and also with the guarantee of maximum satisfaction.

homee app clone

Property administrators- Commercial and Residential

One can easily enjoy 24/7 control over the entire process, from authorizations and renter requests to project invoices and project status. Use Homee clone app to arrange to get an on-demand chain of background checked service providers and in-house technicians. One can get real-time control over responsiveness settled with workflow and approachability that renters will love.

Working of Homee clone app

  • Download this amazing app from Google play store or iOS store
  • Make registration on the app by providing your phone number, any social-media profile or email address.
  • Request a service that you want to avail. After requesting the service, all the online and available pros will come across the map of your area. You just have to make the request and they’ll appear in short order.
  • Sit comfortably and relax as the rates are charged by the minutes, and you just have to pay for the time an expert is working on the job assigned by you. The timings of the job and the pricing of the required materials will be robotically updated as the job is completed. You don’t have to worry about it.
  • After the completion of the work, you have to pay through your phone, within the app. The payment procedure for the same is easy, simple and transparent.

Why go with Homee clone app?

  • All the jobs offered by Homee clone app is charged via minute-by-minute time, so you have enough control at the rates set by this wonderful app.
  • All the pros of this amazing app are background checked and then hired
  • Homee clone app is bonded, licensed and insured for all the works performed by the experts.
  • This awesome app provides its service in less than 30 minutes from the time of request being made.

If you want to start your own blooming business and want to earn the unbeatable amount of profit then you can go with Homee app clone which is the trustable and reliable app in the entire industry.

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