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Why is Gojek the heart of so many controversies?

Gojek surrounded in controversies

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Gojek is a huge business. Being so big in size, it is apparent that controversies like to adhere to it. There have been all sorts of rumors about how the business is run and whether it is too profit centric or not. Let us examine a few of the biggest reasons why Gojek made it into the controversial business list.

Boon for the Service providers or a cruel way to stop their business

When Gojek was launched, a lot of emphasis was placed on the fact that it is meant to help local service providers find jobs quickly and easily. It is supposed to be a platform to help people in achieving what they can’t achieve individually.

This means that the app itself claimed to become the intermediate platform between the service providers and users to help them find jobs quickly and effectively without having to wait hours and hoping that someone would hire them.

However, quite a few drivers have claimed that with the launch of Gojek, they have lost out on business. According to them, Gojek is overly profit centric and thereby takes a big chunk of commission from what they make.

Gojek clone app

Now, while they definitely have an increased number of jobs because of the app, they definitely don’t have an increased earning. This is because most of what they make is taken away from them in the form of commission by the company itself.

The Resentment

While initially people loved the concept of Gojek and absolutely went gaga over it, it has been found that the later phase has seen quite a bit of resentment from the service providers. The users are still a big fan, but the service providers are definitely angling for a change in the commission system.

Our take

So, while people are looking at it as a problem, we find this to be the perfect opportunity for any other player in the market looking to start a multi service based app. So, basically, if you are interested in starting your own business with the same concept, you will be able to make the most of it right at this time.

All you need to do is get yourself a great Gojek clone app. Now, mind well, this app has to be truly flawless because the users as well as the service providers already have a taste of how the app should work. So, you can come in with something reinvented. You have to bring an app that the people are familiar with and yet that has a novelty to it.

With this, you can make sure that the service providers are tilted towards you rather than Gojek itself by charging a much smaller commission. Initially, if your users realize that you are there to serve them and that you truly have nothing but their best in your hearts, then you can slowly increase the charges or add more services.

Whatever you do, introducing your Gojek clone app has to be done in a way that makes sure that you are giving as much importance to the service providers as you are to the users.

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