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Best services under one Roof: Gojek clone

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Gojek app clone is an amazing app which is basically used to dispatch and book taxis. It is a sky touching company as they have a very supporting and hard-working team. There are experts in the team who are encyclopaedic almost in every possible field.

They motivate and provide their customers with a great opportunity to make their orders without wasting their time for availing awesome services. This app enhances and empowers the business through its delivery services and application program interface. This also means that they have a delivery business by which they can book and dispatch taxis. This app also allows the users to get the different services delivered to their doorstep without any hassle.

Gojek app clone comprises of the best services from the on-demand multiple-service booking app into one single platform. Whether you want to get your heavy packages delivered from one place to another or you want to order a scrumptious food online, everything can be easily done with this super app named as Gojek clone app.

gojek clone app

Some of the services of Gojek app clone are lawn care, cleaning, groceries deliver, towing services, Handyman booking, Laundry services, Health care services, Freight forwarding, mover services etc.

Gojek app clone: Admin panel

Driver management and service provider: It handles different on-demand service providers and allows the drivers to register themselves on the app.

Fare setup: Manage and setup fares for different on-demand services based on vehicle type, distance covered, service type, cities etc.

Referrals and promotions: One can setup promo campaigns, promotional codes, referral campaigns on Gojek app clone.

Zone management: One can design custom zones for their booking service website and app by creating drawing polylines on the map and also by setting rates accordingly.

Bird’s eye view: One can easily view all the service trips and booking in real time on the map across zones or cities.

Working of Gojek app clone

Working of Gojek app clone is very simple and easy. To use the service of Gojek app clone, one has to follow the mentioned below steps-

Registration: To use this amazing app, the first and the most important step is to make the registration on the app. To make the registration, one has to provide their email address, phone number or any social media ID like Facebook, LinkedIn.

Home screen: After the successful registration, the home screen will appear on the user's phone from where they can select the service from different categories.

Confirm the service:Once the selection of the service is successfully done, they can confirm the service and they instantly receive a notification on their desktop regarding the service.

Hurry the service has arrived: Within a few minutes, a well-organised service will be delivered at the doorstep of the customer without wasting their time.

Payments and reviews: In the end, customer can pay their bill for the service with cash, debit card, credit card or with the wallet integrated into the app. They can also provide their honest reviews to the company to improve their service.

If you have a strategy in your mind to plot your own unbeatable business then you can go with Gojek clone which is a trustworthy and credible app in the industry.

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