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Enjoy accurate, professional and fast service with Gojek clone app

Every service at your doorstep: Gojek clone app

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Gojek app clone is not just a taxi booking or delivery app but it provides a different number of services to their customers. Some services of Gojek app clone are Car rental, Food deliveries, babysitter, Electrician, Fitness coach, Handyman, Home cleaning, DJ, Doctor, Home cleaning, Tutor, Physiotherapy, Vet, Security guard, Car repair, Barber, Pest control, Travel agent, Home cleaning, Massage etc.

Whether you want to get your medicines delivered to your doorstep or you want to get a scrumptious cake, everything is possible with this single app. Let’s have a look at the complete package of Gojek app clone-

gojek clone app
  • Native iOS user app
  • Native service provider/Driver app
  • Native Restaurant app/ iOS store
  • Native Android User App
  • User Web Panel
  • Main Website
  • Store / Restaurant Web Panel
  • Manual Booking Panel/Dispatcher panel
  • Accounts Panel/Billing Panel
  • Admin web Panel to handle overall proper working of the app etc.

With the increasing demand for Gojek app clone, there are different mobile app development companies which claim to provide the best Gojek app clone. The main of different reputed mobile app development solutions is to provide the maximum satisfaction level to their customers without a hitch. Let's have a look at the offerings of these solutions-

  • The different mobile app development solutions provide the facility of free-white labelling to their clients so that they can change the name of the product, logo and design and get it done according to their choice.
  • These companies do not reveal secret information or any type of information related to your company. These companies also make sure that the name of the client's company is never disclosed by the mobile app solution.
  • The different mobile app solutions develop the app in such a way so that it can be launched anywhere in the world. This is why the reputed companies offer multiple currencies and languages in their app so that there is no difficulty faced by the client to launch it in any other country.
  • These companies provide licensed source code delivery so that it provides a convenience for the customers to modify their app as per their preference at any point in the future.

Mentioned below are some of the paid Addons features provided by the reputed mobile app development companies-

  • Call masking feature: One can protect their identity by using the feature of call masking with the help of the internet. This feature  `helps the doctors and the drivers to communicate with each other without disclosing their private number.
  • Scan credit card feature: Scan credit card feature helps the users of the app to pay their bills by using their credit cards. They don't have to enter their card details. They just have to scan the credit card and the bill is paid.
  • Real-time chat system: The users of this app can chat with the admin by using the real-time chat system. This feature allows the users to directly click on the chat button and can get a solution from the admin panel.
  • Book ride for someone else: Book ride for someone else option permits the users to book the rides for someone else. They can easily register on the app and then choose the option of a book for someone else.

If you have a plan in your mind to start your own unbeatable business which can easily hit the blowing competition of the market then you can go with Gojek clone app development which is reliable, trustable and efficient in the market.

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