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Shopping, Travel, All Under One Roof with the Gojek Clone

Amazing Services, One Solution – Gojek App Clone

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It becomes but difficult to believe that one application can offer a magnitude of services to their customers starting from shopping to travel to even their beauticians or baby sitters.

It is true though. The Gojek app clone offers 52+ services to its customers which includes travel, grocery, beautician on-demand, babysitter on-demand and electrician on-demand etc., to name a few.

Sounds exciting? Given below is how the Gojek clone is second to none,

gojek clone
Shop, Stop, Eat while Driving

If the rider happens to be travelling and wish to have their ride paused and shop or munch on something, they can with the gojek clone. All they have to do is pause the ride and perform the desired work they wish to and once they have completed with it, they can resume their trip.

Responsive Design

For any application, it is essential to have a responsive design in order to enable the user to enjoy the benefits from various interfaces which includes their smart phone, iPhone, tablet, etc., to name a few.

The Gojek clone app has a responsive design to enable the user to take the benefits of the application from their PC, laptop, iPhone, etc.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol Masking)

If the user does not wish to disclose their numbers while using the cab facility available on the gojek clone, they can do so using the VOIP.

This allows the user to communicate with their driver using their internet service and protects their privacy as well as their private number does not get displayed to the driver.

Along with the above mentioned attributes that are inherent in the gojek clone, there are some other characteristics also available which include newsfeed, subscription to newsletters, book ride for someone else, etc., to name a few.

However as an entrepreneur if you are keen on having a gojek app clone, it is essential to have the gojek clone script to ensure that your application can propel your business towards great heights.

Given below is the Gojek Clone Script Package which would help skyrocket your business towards success,

  • A Responsive Marketing Website to help you build your online presence among customers
  • Licensed Source Code to ensure that you can modify and customize your application as per the changing needs of your customers
  • Dispatcher/ Manual Booking Panel
  • Billing Accounts Panel
  • An interactive admin web panel to check the overall working of the application along with the payments, the information of the service provider as well as the user, etc., to name a few.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur who believes in delivering nothing but the best to your customers, choose the Gojek clone and build your gojek app clone to take your dreams towards the path to success.

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