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The best mobile app script in today’s generation: Gojek app script

Make your business unbeatable with Gojek app script

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The gojek clone app is a combination of a variety of different on-demand services on just one single platform. With the advanced age of technology, there are also a different number of mobile app solutions which claims to provide the best Gojek script of the Gojek app. These mobile app solutions provide white-label solutions which are highly-customizable and are integrated with the special features that one may choose and also add more features into it.

Some services offered by Gojek clone app are

  • On-demand deliveries
  • On-demand ride
  • On-demand car rental
  • On-demand movers
  • On-demand moto ride
  • On-demand boat rental etc.
gojek clone script

Working flow of Gojek clone app

Registration: This is the first and the most important step to use the application. The users can register themselves on the app by providing their phone number, email address or any social media ID.

Home screen: After the completion of the registration, the users reach the home screen of the application where all the services provided by the app are displayed. There are different categories of the services which are offered by the app.

Choose service: From the different number of services available on the app, the user selects the service that he/she wants to avail.

Pick-up and drop location: The users of the app enter the details about the pick-up and drop location. The drivers in the nearby area are notified, accept the request and arrive at the pick-up location using the navigation.

Payment: An estimated amount to avail the service is provided to the customers before providing them with the service. They can pay the amount in cash, with credit cards or debits cards or wallet integrated into the app. wallets are very simple and easy to recharge with the credit cards.

Ratings and reviews: After the completion of the service, the service provider and the user, both can rate and give reviews to each other on the basis of their experience.

The reputable and popular mobile app development solutions provide their customer with the following package which is included in their script-Add paragraph text here.

  • The website installation is done by the company
  • The reputed mobile app development companies provide the clients with a fully ensured licensed source code
  • Complete white-labelling of the product is done according to the requirements of the client.
  • If a client wants to launch their application internationally so currency should not bar them from doing so. With the gojek clone script of the credible companies, you will avail the feature of multiple currencies integrated into your app.
  • Non-disclosure policies are being followed
  • The app will be launched in the iOS and Android platform
  • One can also integrate multiple languages in the app

If you want to start your own booming business which can hit the market and make you earn a good amount of profit then you can go with Gojek app clone script which is an adaptive and high-quality script which will undoubtedly help you a lot to run your business smoothly.

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