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Types of Service Providers for Different Services

New Services that Recently Added to Thumbtack

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Thumbtack is a website as well as app-based one of the biggest online on demand service marketplace in the world. Just name any service; you will get it on Thumbtack without any issues. Thumbtack offers a vast variety of on demand services that include events, lessons, home, medical healthcare and wellness. It is one of the fastest growing online platforms for service providers where Thumbtack is serving.

Every day more than 10,000 customers live on Thumbtack and find a service provider as per as their requirement. Every customer is allowed to check the profile of the service provider. They can search the service provider according to the price, rating and much more. Presently, there are more than 1,300 types of services are listed in Thumbtack. Thumbtack even provides different medium to the customers to contact service providers. Customers can contact them by calling them, messaging them or even scheduling an appointment directly through the app.

Recently, some new services are added to the service list of Thumbtack. This actually happened new service providers came on Thumbtack and registered their portfolio.

Let's check out the new services that are new at Thumbtack.

Tax Prepare

Every earning person have to pay tax for different things but many business people find it difficult to do. Big business owners do not get much time to schedule a time for file up for their own tax. To overcome this situation, there are people who provide tax related service. People who are unable to manage their tax-related problems, they can easily find tax preparers who will help these individuals who are actually facing the issue in paying tax.

Dog Trainer

You may have found the dog walker on Thumbtack to whom you can just give the leash of your dog so that your dog gets a good company while walking. However, dog trainer is something new in the list of Thumbtack services. There are many dog trainers are added to Thumbtack as the service providers. Now, people who are looking for a trainer who is capable enough to train their dogs, they can simply find them on the Thumbtack without any mess.

Massage Therapist

A couple of years before, Thumbtack was filled with only handymen. People, who want services related to the plumber, carpenter, home repairer, pipe cleaner, etc, were able to find them on Thumbtack easily. But rather than handymen services, it was very hard to find service providers. Now, you can even find a massage therapist in just a few clicks. No more mess on Thumbtack, just have to search massage therapist and you will get a long list of service providers whose rating will be more than three stars.

Be the part of Thumbtack Or Own a Business Like Thumbtack

Well, if you are skilled enough to provide any on demand services then you can offer your services too. Or, if you have a different plan of setting up a multi-service business like Thumbtack then make sure you're equipped with Thumbtack clone app. Thumbtack clone app will make your business more demanding if you hold better quality.

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